Choosing a Guitar

Choosing a Guitar

Choosing a guitar is one of the first things every beginning guitarist has to do or more correctly wants to do. Choosing the right guitar can make all the difference in the world with how well you learn to play.

There are several things that you have to consider when you are choosing a guitar. It is not quite as simple as walking into the music shop and grabbing that awesome looking guitar. You want to make the right choice so that playing is fun and easy.

Choose the Type of Guitar You Want to Play

Acoustic and electric guitars look the same but they are played differently. A lot of beginners make the mistake of thinking that you have to start on the acoustic guitar and work your way up to the electric guitar. Learn to play the instrument that you want to play and buy the instrument that you want to play.

Budget Matters

Guitars range in price from under $100 to thousands of dollars. Your first guitar should be somewhere in the middle. Don’t choose by least expensive but also don’t go out and spend an exorbitant amount of money either. What you are looking for is a “value”. The value is a well made guitar that is offered at a fair price.

Don’t be swayed by brand names. Big brand name companies are not likely to offer the best value. Do not exclude un known brands. Talk to the counter person at the music instrument store they can advise you as to which brand is entry level friendly.

Size Matters

Your guitar or your child’s guitar has to fit them. Guitars are made in different sizes to meet the needs of different heights. If the guitar is too large than strumming will be very difficult. When shopping for your guitar, try them out for fit just like you would a pair of pants. If the guitar is comfortable and easily manageable than its a good fit. If the reach on the guitar is too long than it is not a good fit.

Choose One You Love

Choose a guitar that you love the look of. You should be happy with the look. If you are going to be enjoying playing and paying for a guitar you might as well opt for one that you love the look of.

Don’t Forget the Electric Tuner

A tuner is a very important part of getting the right sound out of your guitar. When you make the choice for your first guitar don’t leave the shop without picking up an electric tuner. The tuner is also important for ear training.

Beginning Guitar Tips – Click Here and Start Today

Beginning Guitar Tips

If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar there are some beginning guitar tips that can help you to get started. Grab your picks, guitar capos, and don’t forget your metronomes! There are some common mistakes that a new guitarist will make that you can easily avoid once you are aware of them.

The guitar is a great instrument to learn how to play. The first tip is to enjoy what you are doing. Have fun with it. Relax and move at your own pace!

Use a Guitar Capo

Don’t forget to get and learn how to use a guitar capo. Many beginning guitarists overlook them, but guitar capos are an important tool. Simply using a capo a few frets up from the nut will make it easier to learn how to play open chords. Once you can play a chord with a capo, you’ll be able to easily learn to play it in other areas of the neck.

Practice Makes Perfect

Beginning guitar tips can be helpful to anyone
Beginning Guitar Tips can help anyone!

One of the best beginning guitar tips is to practice. Practice makes perfect! Everyone wants to practice playing but you have to practice theory as well. Learning how to play the guitar takes work. Dedicate at least one hour a day to practice.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between practice and playing. Playing is when you sit around strumming without any real direction. Practice is when you are following direction and “playing” with a purpose.

Avoid Frustration

Everyone wants to learn how to play and they want to do it right now! There will be times when you get frustrated with the whole “learn to play guitar” thing. Don’t let it happen. When you feel like your level of frustration is starting to rise, take a step back to something that you are good at. Playing some chords that you have mastered can easily help you to reboot and lose the frustration.

A lot of beginners never make it to the intermediate level of playing because they get frustrated and give up.

Practice Listening

Listen to guitar solo’s and get your inspiration from different musicians. The ears play a huge role in creating music. Tune into different styles and really listen to the chords before you know it you will be able to duplicate the sound.

Strumming = Metronome

beginning guitarists should practice with a metronome
Beginning Guitarists should practice with a metronome

One of the greatest issues a beginning guitarist has is with the strumming of the guitar. Use your arm as a metronome. Strum down on the beat and up missing the strings on the off beat. You can use your foot to keep the beat. Tap your foot. Toes down arm down. Toes up arm up. Toes down arm down. Practicing strumming is one of the most overlooked things by beginners. It looks easy but it requires practice to perfect.


Practice finger picking by getting used to making the motions from your wrist. Proper finger picking technique starts in the wrist.

Have Fun!

No matter what you do as a beginning guitarist make sure you put fun first!